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For inquiries about
the Toronto Institute for
Relational Psychotherapy
program please contact the registrar at registrar@tirp.ca
or mailing address:
1046 - 7 B Pleasant Boulevard
Toronto, ON  M4T 1K2
site address:
918 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5R 3G5

For inquiries about the
Low-Cost Therapy service
see tirp-lowcost-therapy.ca

Conference and Workshop Resources List

This list represents the organizations from which TIRP faculty members learn about upcoming events, up-to-date theory, and additional resources.

Students are advised to get on the mailing lists of these organizations so they can keep track of what’s happening and select conferences and workshops that suit their interests.

2017-2018 resources

I. Psychodynamic/Relational Organizations
II Other Organizations

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